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Award Magic is here to put the hassles of loyalty points behind you. The days of calling up the airlines, listening to "hold music" and dealing with airline (and credit card) representatives that barely understand you are a thing of the past. The future of points and miles redemptions is finally here! No phone calls, no wasted time, no frustration and no guessing games. At Award Magic, we'll use your miles and ensure you get the best possible value out of them. From finding the best routes, to searching for award space; from calling the airlines on your behalf to booking the award seats themselves; we take care of it all. "Nuts and bolts" as they say - we can assist in anything and everything when it comes to redeeming your miles and will do everything in our power to ensure that you are maximizing the value of each and every one of your loyalty points.

Our CEO Brian Cohen is among the most talented and experienced miles and points experts in the industry. Together with a team of highly trained award bookers from across the country, Award Magic's goal is to provide a seamless and pain-free way for you to best use your miles. No headaches, no wasted time. With this uniquely simple process, easy to use website, and our hyper-intuitive submission form, you are now ready to prepare - worry free - for your next vacation!


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"...The most useful travel service of which you've never heard."

-- Arthur Frommer, Travel Writer and Expert

"My wife and I recommend them with the highest degree of confidence. Not only were our business class tickets for the whole trip handled quickly and easily, but the personalized service and availability helped relieve a big part of the stress that comes with planning such an important trip as a honeymoon."

-- Damon D. from Los Angeles

"For years I have been playing the miles game and up to now have booked all my own tickets. Getting the miles was fun; booking the trips was absolutely not. I could tell from the questions asked during the process [they] were working to add more value and fun when I would have given up and accepted 'good enough' much earlier. The itinerary booked for us was superior to anything I have been able to do."

-- Brian H. from Seattle

"I had never spoken to anyone with so much knowledge on the subject of frequent flyer miles before reaching out to this team. I had to book a round ticket using my United and American miles from Detroit to Hyderabad in business class, and [they] booked my trip in less than 24 hours. They even got me an itinerary with the exact connections I wanted. Thank you!"

-- Venu K. from Hyderabad, India

"We booked a RTW trip using an AA Explorer Award. They helped us plan the itinerary and map out our different options with infinite patience. Additionally, they never failed to get back to us in a very timely and efficient manner. We normally book all award travel ourselves, however, we felt with such a complicated itinerary, we needed an expert. They have proven to be that and more."

--Ellen and Joel, New York

"Thank you for the courteous and efficient service. I certainly wouldn't have been able to book such a great travel itinerary without your help."

-- Mark C. from Seoul

"...Nothing short of miraculous in putting this deal together!! With our two-week time-table, special restrictions and our desire to maximize our enjoyment in three countries while minimizing our flight time, we certainly got a 'sweet deal.' Thanks a million!

--Elliot and Karen from Philadelphia

"...This was far more value than I could have gotten, and as a very busy person I just didn't have the time. I would use their service again in a heartbeat... I wanted to fly SEA to Lisbon and they flipped that into an around-the-world trip in First. I could never have figured that one out."

--Brian J., Seattle

"After trying with no success to book a Lufthansa First Class ticket from the US to Europe, I decided to reach out... A few hours later my flights were booked...Really impressive!"

-- David B. from Washington, D.C.

"I just wanted to let everyone know how very pleased I am with the service [I received] booking my Explorer award to the Maldives! They worked tirelessly to find us the best deal for our miles and were willing to make changes at the last minute when the United devaluation came out. I am very impressed, and appreciate the hard work. We have already decided to use [them] again to book our next dream vacation - Australia/NZ on another explorer award! Thanks for the wonderful service"

-- Ellen T., Fayetteville, AR

"It was a very rewarding process in more ways than one. I had no concerns about using the award booking service before I used it. What surprised me was the depth of knowledge, and the speed and ease of working with them to achieve my goals. Yes I would recommend the service to others, as I was very satisfied with the results."

-- James S. from the Bahamas

"I just want to say great thanks to you folks and share my personal experience to those seeking help for award-ticket booking. [I was] helped me with great patience and booked a round-trip ticket to China. Because of my own fault/carelessness, I went to the GuangZhou airport only to find out that I was not allowed to board the plan because I didn't obtain a Canada Transit Visa... Because it was peak time and ticket price was insanely high (think $3000) for returning, I was so frustrated. I needed to get back to U.S. A.S.A.P. [When I reached out again from the airport] they did response in about 3 hours and gave me a number to call. They helped me with sympathy and found a same day award-ticket from another airline program (British Airway) departing from Hong Kong. Luckily my original departing airport GuangZhou is within two hours drive from Hong Kong airport... This was such a creative way and I had to admit I would never figure this out myself. I was very glad that I was able to get back to U.S. on schedule"

-- Jamie Z. from Guangzhou, China





Q. How much do you charge to book an award?

A. There are actually two tiers of services offered here. First, our Standard Awards; these are one-way or round-trip tickets booked through Award Magic that may include one stopover along the way (as per the rules of the airline). Second, our Magic Awards; these are awards involving three or four destinations. The rate for Standard Awards is $179, while the rate for our Magic Award is $279 per person, per booking.

Q. Do I have to pay a fee up front?

A. In an effort to deliver the best possible service to our clients, we have implemented an "award-searching fee" on all new submissions. In short, we now require a non-refundable $25 deposit before beginning to work on a new request. The fee can be paid immediately following your form submission. Please note: Between the time you submit the request and the time you remit payment for the award-search fee our team will be unable to respond to your request. We generally respond within three to five business days. That response window begins once we receive your deposit. Keep in mind however, when we fulfill your request and the tickets have been booked, you will receive a $25 discount (off of your booking charge) on the final invoice. PLEASE NOTE: THIS $25 DEPOSIT IS PER BOOKING REQUEST. This deposit does NOT allow for unlimited requests across multiple dates and/or destinations.

Q. What if you're unable to find award seats for the dates I need?

A. As a general rule, we don't charge a penny if we can't satisfy your request. The one exception to that rule is the $25 award-search fee referenced above. If for whatever (quite unlikely) reason we are unable to book you an award that meets your expectations, you will not receive a refund of that $25. That said, we will not charge any booking fees for unsuccessful requests.

Q. Do you book paid tickets?

A. We are an Award Travel Service that specializes in using miles and points to help you get where you're going. We do not assist in the purchase of revenue tickets, but we can recommend the best resources.

Q. What if you present an itinerary to me that doesn't meet my expectations or schedule? Do I still have to pay?

A. No! You do not pay unless you are fully satisfied with your itinerary (except the $25 deposit).

Q. Do you accept credit cards?

A. Absolutely. We accept all major credit cards - especially those earning you rewards points! Please note however, all credit card payments are subject to a 3% service fee. For those preferring to pay by check, special arrangements can be made.

Q. What about the airline taxes and fuel surcharges? Do I get to use my credit card for those as well?

A. In the interest of security and time, we actually pay for all airline taxes and fees upfront on your behalf. Those charges will then appear on your final invoice, which of course (as noted in the question above), can be paid for with any major credit card.

Q. I need to leave tomorrow but your site states it takes up to five days to respond. Do you offer an expedited service?

A. Yes! We offer an expedited service for an additional $75 per person. If you are leaving within seven days of submitting a request, you will be charged at the expedited rate. Still, if we do not find a trip to your liking, you will only pay the $25 deposit.

Q. What happens if I need to change my flight after I book it?

A. If the change is involuntary, we will work with the airline to get you onto a more convenient flight option for no additional cost. If the change is voluntary, we charge $75 per passenger to assist you in the process. Please note you may be subject to a change fee or increase in taxes by one or more of the airlines you will be flying with.

Q. What happens when I want to upgrade my seat from Economy or Business to First Class?

A. We do not charge a fee to help you upgrade to another class of service assuming you maintain the original routing. Please note you may also be subject to a change fee imposed by one or more of the airlines you will be flying with.

Q. If I bought a ticket using cash, can you help me upgrade it with points?

A. We do not assist in upgrading revenue tickets.

Q. I have other questions that I can't find answers to. What should I do?

A. Not to worry! We'll gladly answer any other questions you may have. Just email us.