New Emirates A380 Promo Video: "All Time Greats"

If you're a fan of soccer and luxury travel, this video is right up your alley. Given how much I love to fly in style - more specifically, on the Emirates A380, shower and all - and how much I enjoy watching international soccer - after all, I'll be in Brazil for the 2014 World Cup this summer - I couldn't help but post this video. I see hundreds of pictures, videos and blog posts about the travel industry each week, but rarely do I feel complled to share. With this one, the case is different. 

The video takes place on board Emirates' A380. Cristiano Ronaldo is seen putting on a suit (after getting out of the shower) and heading back to the lounge at the back of the business class cabin. Immediately, two business men sitting on the couch start the buzz, realizing exactly who is in front of them. Ronaldo then opens up a magazine, with a full-page-spread picture of him scoring a goal. After after a brief moment of internal arrogance, one of the greatest soccer players in history walks up next to him; his ego is brought down to earth with a shake of the head. Next thing you know though, a teenager asks this other superstar to take a photo for him with Ronaldo! With that, Ronaldo gives a wink and the video is over. 

Watch the video for yourself - it's way better than my descrpition. What do you think? And, can you name that other soccer superstar? 


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