REVIEW: British Airways (Terminal 1) LHR Lounge

I was quite excited about our visit to London's Heathrow airport (LHR), as I've come to quite enjoy British Airways' First Galleries lounge. They generally offer a nice selection of hot and cold dishes, several wine options and some great pastries. Unfortunately however, since we were flying out to Philadelphia on USAirways, we were departing out of LHR Terminal 1 rather than Terminal 5 where BA has their main lounges. Knowing that, we opted to get to the airport closer to the time of departure and eat beforehand, since we weren't as determined to spend time in the T1 business class lounge.  While we weren't there long, we did at least stop in for a few minutes to take some pictures of the decor. 

Since it's the only Oneworld-operated lounge in that terminal, it's rather large, which means you never feel crowded. Sorry to those of you who like to see pictures of the food/drink spread, but I didn't take any given I had no intentions of eating or drinking anything. I was however struck by the fantastic view of the gates nearby. Lucky me, look who was parked right outside...!

Do you have any experience with the British Airways Oneworld lounge at LHR T1? If so, did you enjoy it? Of course, for those looking to see the other parts of this trip report, see the list of links below...

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