REVIEW: Icelandair Saga Lounge at KEF

​Of all the lounges we visited on this particular trip, the Saga Lounge at KEF - that's the airport code for Reykjavik's airport, Iceland's capital, even though the airport itself is located in Keflavik (about 40 minutes away) - was our favorite. The design, the food selection and the overall "vibe" were far superior to those of the SAS and BA lounges. It certainly wasn't the largest lounge, nor did it offer any particularly stunning views (of nature or of planes) bu the general decor made up for the lack of external pizazz.

What stood out to me first were the colors and finishes. The blues on the walls gave the lounge a tranquil ocean-side-like feel, while the wood floors and finishes created a natural setting unlike any of the other lounges we had seen this trip. On the walls were large pictures of Icelandic landscapes and monitors with moving, natural images. There were also two airline themed walls; one had pictures of Icelandair's fleet throughout their history and one was a timeline of how the company has grown since its infancy. And while the lounge was on the ground floor (which meant there were no worthwhile tarmac views), there was plenty of natural light in the main seating area which added to our enjoyment.

The food was also well above par. It happened to be I couldn't eat most of it (for Kosher reasons) but it was certainly a far better spread than was offered in the SAS or BA lounges. There were pre-made finger-sandwiches - much like what you'd get along with high-tea service - as well as a nice selection of sliced meats. Beyond that were salads and two soups; for those curious, the creamy potato soup was fantastic! Most importantly, for Sarah at least, were the French macaroons. She's not so into desserts in general, though these macaroons were really delicious. The rest of the dessert selection was delicious as well, and included assorted pastries and muffins. 

Overall, this was our favorite lounge of the trip. It obviuosly isn't at the same level as Lufthansa's First Class Terminal or Emirates' mile-long business class lounge, but considering the size of KEF I was more than pleased with the offerings. Between the food, the decor and the overall ambience Sarah and I had a great visit and were perfectly prepared for our flight(s) home. 

Have you ever been to Iceland? What about the Saga Lounge at KEF? What were your experiences like? 

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