REVIEW: Park Inn Hotel, Reykjavik - Corner Suite

When planning our trip to Iceland, Sarah and I had two choices. We could wait for Starwood to open a new property in Reykjavik or think about what other options we have. This is a perfect example of why it's important to diversify your points! While we much prefer to stay at SPG properties, we understand it's not always an option. As a result, in addition to the SPG AMEX card, Sarah and I both have the IHG Priority Club Visa as well as the Club Carlson Visa. Having these alternatives in our wallet allow us to pick and choose which properties we want to stay at just about anywhere in the world. In this case, we chose the Park Inn in Reykjavik for a three-night stay. We only paid for two nights, which cost us 27,000 points, as we took advantage of the Club Carlson Visa's best feature: Last night free on all redemptions! So, redeeming for three nights? Only pay for two!

As we checked in, the agent informed us we were the only elite members staying on property at the time and was happy to upgrade us to a corner suite. While the room was spacious and had all of the amenities I might expect, it had an unfortuante run-down look. Whether it was the colors of the carpets/furniture, the design or the general wear-and-tear which was visible, I'm not sure. It was clear however this wasn't going to be a St. Regis type of stay. That said, I was more than pleased, given it was very nice-sized room, very moderately priced and came with free breakfast (as an elite benefit). 

The suite was split, not by a door or hallway, but rather by a confession-like divider which sat atop a tv-stand/dresser. The bed was comprised of two twin beds pushed up together. I've noticed this was the norm for our time in Oslo and Reykjavik, though it certianly wasn't the case at the Park Lane Hotel in London. To the left of the divider when you walked in was a sitting area with a couch and coffee table and TV - the television was actually on the dresser/tv-stand right against the wooden divider. On the same left side, but right when you walk into the room rather than further back against the window, was a workstation with a nice chair and work-desk. To the right, next to the bed (on the opposite side of the room as the work station) there was a corner desk with a chair and a place to lay a suitcase down. It seemed rather odd to have two work desks, so I can only assume this one was meant as a vanity because of the mirror on the wall. In any case, while it was a layout I had never quite seen before it was certainly all we needed (and thensome). 

The bathroom "suffered" from the same problem as the room. Although the space was more than adequate, it just felt old. The colors and tiles made it feel as though you were in a hospital bathroom, which admittedly isn't the nicest feeling in the world. Everything worked and it was perfectly "acceptable" but I wouldn't say it was the room's greatest feature. 

At the end of the day, I'd say I was more than satisfied with my stay. Was the room a bit run-down? Sure. Did the design and the colors make it feel "old?" Of course. Did I pay 50,000 points per night and have expectations of butler service? Absolutely not. For the value, I'd say this is probably one of the best properties in Reykjavik. Yes, there are other Club Carlson options - namely, the Radisson Blu - but given the per-night costs (both with cash as well as with points) I'd say this property is tough to beat. We had rented a car, so for us location was less important. This property was about a 30-minute walk into downtown, but we drove and got there in five. We were however near a large mall as well as the national soccer stadium. All in all it was a very pleasant stay and I would not hesitate to return to this Park Inn during future visits to the beautiful capital citiy. 

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