REVIEW: SAS Lounge at London Heathrow

After a great five-day stay in London, it was time for us to fly to Rekjavik, Iceland! Unfortunately, if you're looking to redeem Star Alliance miles for travel to Reykjavik (KEF), you're limited to SAS' service out of Oslo. Lufthansa does fly in/out of KEF from Duseldorf, but that service is only seasonal. Sarah and I were booked on the SAS flight from London to Oslo and then onto Iceland. The issue we had is that SAS operates only one daily flight, and (at least on the day we were flying) it takes off in the morning. So, we got a room right by the airport for the night and then connected on our flight to KEF early the next morning. For the purposes of this trip report however, I'll only be writing about the lounge experience in London and will then move on to our hotel and touring in Iceland. To recap, this is part four out of nine, reviewing our London/Iceland trip from this past month. 

When checking online to see where our flight departed from, I could have sworn I saw "Terminal 5." For those that are familiar with London Heathrow (LHR), you'd know that is a bit odd for a short-hop SAS flight, as Terminal 5 is almost entirely dominated by BA - especially their long-haul departures/arrivals. Nevertheless, though I did do a double-take at my phone, we had the driver take us to T5. Of course, upon arrival, we were told we needed to head to T3... Uggh! Thankfully we had plenty of time to spare, so we hopped on the Heathrow Express and headed to T3. There, we made our way through security - they're even worse than the TSA over there! - and into the SAS lounge. There are actually more than one Star Alliance lounge at T3, but "Lounge B" is the one that is "officially" affiliated with SAS. 

Unfortuantely, the lounge attendants were quite adamant about not allowing photography in the lounge, which means that the photos are not quite as good (or as numerous) as they could/should be. Given the traffic that SAS has out of LHR I certainly wasn't expeting anything much. Upon walking in however, I was quite pleasantly surprised. No, it wasn't anythign like the "mega lounges" in other parts of the world, but for what is really a small, regional lounge it certainly surpassed my expectations. The lower level had most of the food and drinks, and was separated into two separate seating areas. The food spread wasn't huge, but there were more than enough options for our quick visit. In addition to the cold options pictured below, there was aloso a ministrone soup available. 

To my surprise, this was a two-floor lounge. Upstairs, there was some more "standard" seating as well as a TV/media room and children's play room. Whily the staircase made a statement, I much preferred sitting and working downstairs as the space was a but more open and comfortable. Unless you specifically wanted to be in the media or kids room, I suspect you'd feel less cramped downstairs. 

To be clear, this is certainly not a lounge I would hype myself up about. I would never arrive an extra hour early for a short intra-European flight to have a nosh or do some work in here. That being said, it is definitely a lounge I would visit again if the opportunity presented itself. After all, even if we don't try, there's almost always at least 20-30 minutes of "spare time" before boarding. No doubt lounges are a great place to relax; and at LHR T3 (if you're flying on a Star Alliance carrier), this SAS lounge is certainly a perfect place to do just that. 


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