The World's Worst Customer

I'm sure we've all witnessed our fair share of angry (or maybe even offensive) customers. But as those of us who travel often know - well, I'd hope everyone knew this, but I know I've learned a lot in the ways of customer service as I continue to travel more and more often - the kinder you are, the more you smile, the more likely you are to get your way. Even in situations where the other party is dead wrong, and even when you're beyond frustrated, it's important to always keep your cool and hadnle each situation with as little emotion as possible. Whether it be at a checkin counter where I am being told there's no suite available (when I know there is), or on the phone with an agent who's telling me my routing is not within their rules, I am always polite, I always say thank you and I never get upset with the individual I'm talking to. Well, it seems as though there are still some people out there who could use a refresher course in Humanity 101: How to Speak to Others. Take a look at this video. I know it has nothing to do with points and miles, but I've seen some people get (almost) this upset at airline and hotel employees for one reason or another. This is a classic case of, as the woman in the video says, "DYKWIA" (or, Do You Know Who I Am) syndrome.


I know it's sad, as I'm sure that woman can't be "all there." But is it bad if I can't stop watching this and laughing uncontrollably? What do you think about this one? Have you ever seen a customer (in any industry) act like this? Even close? I'd love to hear some other stories!

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